Vivi Naturista in Svezia

Map of Nude Beaches in Sweden

Nudism in Sweden is nothing unusual and Swedes make it clear that the purpose of nudism/naturism is stricly non-erotic and non-sexual. One prejudice is that Sweden is all about sex and nudism (which is incorrect.) This closed-minded prejudice stems from early teachings about sex in Swedish schools. Nudism in Sweden can be practiced at the many nude beaches in Sweden.

These great nude beaches are especially popular amongst nudists...

1. Stockholm: Ågesta Nude Beach

Ågesta nude beach is an official beach for nudists in the Stockholm. The nude beach offers public facilities, picnic tables and play areas, as well as a nice sandy area. It's a popular beach as nudism in Sweden is widely accepted. Agesta nude beach can be reached from by bus. Get off at the stop Rödmossevägen. If you're driving yourself, drive to the southern end of Lake Magelungen and follow the signs to Agesta nude beach.

1. Södertälje / Stockholm: Tullan Nude Beach

Tullan nude beach is found 20 minutes away from Södertälje, or 30 minutes outside of Stockholm. You can reach Tullan nude beach by using the E4/E20 highway from either city. Buses from Sodertalje also go to the lake. The part that is the nude beach at Tullan lake is located at the northern end of the lake. There are no public facilities, however, but that doesn't stop nudism in Sweden. The nude beach itself is rather rocky, so bring something soft to sit and lie on at Tullan nude beach! Other parts of the beach (clothing required) are sandy and are popular among surfers.

1. Stockholm-Saltsjöbaden: Svärdsön Nude Beach

1. Vaxholm: Säbyträsk Nude Beach

2. Lidköping: Truvebadet Nude Beach

Truvebadet Nude Beach is a popular Swedish nude beach in the Gothenburg area that's easy to find. You'll get to Truvebadet Nude Beach by driving to the town of Lidköping and taking road 44 just 5 km (3 mi) east to Lake Vänern. Note that there are two beaches, one where clothing is required, the other being the nude beach. The part that is Truvebadet nude beach is an official nude beach owned by the city of Lidköping. The beach offers nudists in Sweden lots of sand, grassy areas for sunbathing, the Filsbäcks campground (requiring clothing), a golf course, free parking, and public restrooms. Keep in mind that the facilities at this nude beach do not provide drinking water.

2. Uddevalla: Mollön peninsula

The unofficial nude beach on Mollön peninsula is a popular and beautiful spot for nude bathing on Sweden's west coast. Mollön peninsula has a nude beach and a separate clothing-required beach. Both are sandy beaches, but keep in mind that neither Mollön nude beach nor Mollön clothed beach have public facilities. For the nude beach, use the south and west beach of Mollön. The peninsula is found 8 km (5 mi) outside of Uddevalla, a Swedish town one hour north of Göteborg.

2. Gothenburg: Smitska Udden Nude Beach

Found in southern Goteborg on the peninsula Näset, Smitska Udden nude beach is a popular area to sunbathe and swim and one of the nicest nude beaches. There is, however, also a textile part of the beach and so nudity is not required. Smitska Udden beach is quite rocky and a little steep, but there are ladders leading into the water. Look for the "Stensholmen Nakenbad" ("naked bath") sign on the rocks to make sure which part of Smitska Udden beach you're on. The textile part of Smitska Udden beach has public restrooms.

3. Arboga: Herrfallet Nude Beach

Herrfallet nude beach is a nice sandy beach for nudists found in southern Sweden, close to the town of Arboga. You can find Herrfallet nude beach 150 km (94 mi) west of Stockholm, simply follow road E20 to Arboga and then go south for 20 minutes. At the Herrfallet campground keep left and follow the "Naturistbad" sign. Herrfallet nude beach is part of the beaches at Lake Hjalmaren and offers a pleasant bathing experience. Public restrooms on site, this is a popular beach for nudists in Sweden.

5. Öregrund: Tallparksbadet Nude Beach

Tallparksbadet Nude Beach in Oregund, north of Stockholm, is a well-maintained beach area popular for practicing nudism in Sweden. Tallparksbadet Nude Beach is an official nude beach offering a rocky clothes-free beach, with public facilities as well as nearby camping areas where clothing is required. You can find Tallparksbadet Nude Beach 1 kilometer west of Öregrund. Take the bus to Tallparksvägen, or drive along Västergatan and turn north onto Hummelvägen, to the tennis courts. From there, it's only a short walk to the beach. The town of Öregrund lies 2 hours north of Stockholm, just take roads E18 and 76 through Norrtalje towards Östhammar. You can also inquire about the current swimming conditions at Tallparksbadet by calling +46 173 86000 (Östhammar municipality, operator of the beach).

Ramsöbadet Nude Beach in Mönsterås is closed.

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